Calrom Tricon Tower Lahore | Office Furniture Provided by Workspace

One of the exceptional commercial projects that the Workspace has successfully completed with maximum productivity is Calrom Office Cafe Furniture. Most importantly based on our client’s requests for a comfortable & pleasing cafe space for their employees, we provided luxury, ergonomic, adaptable and best office furniture such as bar counters with bar stools, round table with coral mid-back chair, greenstone color couches chairs with the combination of blue L shaped sofas. As a classy addition to this project, we built a dining area with large cafe tables along with cafe chairs.

The cafe area in a workplace should be welcoming and comfortable so that one can feel at ease. As a result, we customized sofas and office interiors depending on space functionality and requirements. To complement the overall look, they place a sleek yet modern center table with cafe chairs in front of the sofas. Additionally, they position sparkling round bar stools appropriately. Using furniture with a black and brown color scheme, our designer has creatively presented their artwork.

Customized Cafe Furniture | Best Office Furniture

Furthermore, we specially select cafe furniture colors based on the client’s needs. We offer high-quality furniture for modern, adaptable cafe areas. Additionally, we position customized center tables with ornamental accents to give this space a friendly appearance.

To ensure that everyone can eat comfortably, ergonomic cafe chairs and tables are made in accordance with the available area. Additionally, to maintain the café space, we added wall art in Solitaire and positioned planters with embedded lights to give the corner a clean, aesthetic look.

Our professionals designed & manufactured high-quality dining table and ergonomic cafe chairs. Our contemporary, reversible office furniture offers both comfort and usability. Moreover, we enhanced the atmosphere of this room by adding decorative wall elements and textured wallpaper. Customized and elegantly made are the abstract ceiling lights with greenery effect. Additionally, modern, high quality and unique mid-back sofas chairs are elegantly complementing this cafe’s needs., we have used modern and comfortable, yet best office furniture in Calrom, so that one can feel relaxed while seating and gossiping. Centre table is placed in the middle complimenting the entire space.

So if you have any requirement regarding furniture of your commercial space contact workspace.
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