Formulatrix Project by Workspace

Workspace’s one of the amazing projects is formulatrix, done by complete efficiency. We have provided trendy and elegant office furniture including office Table, office chairs, workstations and complete office solutions that allows the employees to work in a comfortable environment. Also making the dining space a part of your workplace for a pleasant touch. 

Modern and trendy furniture that inspires your employees to work even harder than before, highlights the motive of the company with a unique approach. Workspace gives complimentary Space planning also. Furniture reflects the personality of any office that’s why Workspace provides office furniture that looks absolutely elegant and enhances the beauty of your office

Waiting Area should be comfortable and welcoming. Therefore, we have used modern and comfortable furniture there so that one can feel relaxed while waiting. Centre table is placed in the middle complimenting the entire space.

For reception area, simple, elegant and high quality reception table is used with ergonomically designed chair. As Simplicity beats complexity.

The area where all the productive work happens is the staff area and the furniture of this area is customized accordingly. High-quality workstations are used with ergonomically designed office chairs.

Comfortable orange sofa are used in dissusion area with combination of black single seated sofa and high quality centered table.

Comfortable Vistor chair and cafteria table is used in cafeteria so that everyone can eat comfortable.

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Firstly, we are providing the best Office furniture including the Office Chairs, Office Table, Workstations, Gaming products & also office Accessories in all over Pakistan. Our products are incredibly unique and modern. Well, our team focuses on trends and updates product design accordingly. Hence, You will also find a wide range of office chairs, office tables, active workstations, and office accessories in many different colors and designs. Similarly, we are the only ones to sell fantastic and customizable office chairs in different colors. Likewise, our office furniture is designed to maintain the correct posture. To be more comfortable and productive. In addition, Our Firm Workspace Office Furniture is the only top and also awarded brand in Pakistan too. Conclusively, that offers up to 3 years warranty on office chairs and also product customization.

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