Boho Bliss Center Table CT016


Welcome the Boho Bliss Center Table CT016 into your home – a captivating centerpiece that brings the artistic and carefree spirit of bohemian living to life. With its unique MS Sand grain finish, this center table exudes creativity and free-spirited charm, adding a touch of boho chic to your décor. The center table comes with incredible features:

  • Center Table in MS Sand grain
  • Powder coated frame with laminated top by Al-Noor brand
  • Size: Dia 18″

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Boho Bliss Center Table CT016

Step into the carefree and artistic world of Bohemian living with the enchanting Boho Bliss Center Table CT016. This captivating centerpiece becomes the heart and soul of your living space, infusing it with the essence of boho chic and creating an inviting oasis of free-spirited beauty.

Crafted with a keen eye for bohemian aesthetics, the Boho Bliss Center Table CT016 exudes an eclectic charm that celebrates individuality and creativity. Its unique design elements, playful patterns, and vibrant colors effortlessly transport you to a world of artistic expression and boundless freedom.

Immerse yourself in the joy of curating a truly eclectic living space around this center table. Its ample surface area allows you to display your treasured decor pieces, artistic trinkets, and bohemian-inspired accents, reflecting your personal style and creating a one-of-a-kind sanctuary.

Designed to inspire and delight, the  Center Table CT016 brings the bohemian spirit into your home. Whether you’re hosting a creative gathering or simply enjoying a quiet moment of introspection, this centerpiece becomes the soulful backdrop that sparks creativity and serenity.

Artistic MS Sand Grain Finish

The Center Table CT016 features an artistic MS Sand grain finish, exuding a sense of creativity and free-spirited charm. Its powder-coated frame ensures exceptional durability, providing a reliable base for your everyday use.

Laminated Top for Functionality and Style

Embrace functionality and style with the laminated top of the Center Table CT016. The smooth surface not only complements its boho chic appeal but also offers a practical space for your daily essentials.

Trusted Al-Noor Brand

With the trusted Al-Noor brand name, the Center Table CT016 guarantees top-notch quality and craftsmanship. Experience the assurance of owning a remarkable piece that reflects your bohemian spirit and artistic flair.

Transform your living space into a Boho Bliss with the Center Table CT016. A center table that captures the essence of bohemian living. Embrace the creativity and free-spirited charm this captivating piece brings to your home. Redefine your décor with the Center Table CT016 today.