Meeting Table MT005


Experience efficiency and elegance with the Meeting Table MT005. Crafted with a premium laminated sheet from Al-Noor, this table offers ample space for seamless collaboration during meetings and workshops. The meeting table comes with incredible features:

  • Meeting Table in laminated sheet Al-Noor brand.
  • Size: L 12ft * W 4ft * H 2.6ft

Delivery Timeline: 10 to 15 business days


  • 50% to 100% payment is required in advance. After placing an order, you will receive a call from one of our representatives.
  • Client can claim a warranty for the products within the warranty timeline. After that additional charges will be incurred.
  • Overnight shipping will be charged separately


Meeting Table 005

We’re happy to present the Meeting Table MT005, which is a great example of a table that is both useful and beautiful. This table is made with a high-quality laminated sheet from a well-known brand called Al-Noor. Promises to be of great quality and to exude a certain air of luxury.

Abundant Room for Working Together Effortlessly.

The Meeting Table MT005, which has dimensions of 12 feet by 4 feet and 2.6 feet height. Provides a sufficient amount of space for effective cooperation. This table provides the space necessary for effective interaction. Which is essential for a variety of activities, including but not limited to big group talks, workshops, and sessions on forming teams.

Sheets of Laminated Material of the Highest Quality

The laminated sheet on the Meeting Table MT005 is of the highest quality and comes from Al-Noor. Which is famous for the flawless finish and long-lasting nature of its products. It not only improves the looks of the table, but it also ensures that it is easy to maintain, so it will continue to appear clean for many years to come.

Strong Construction to Ensure Long-Lasting Performance

The construction of this conference table prioritized precision and longevity. It is constructed to withstand the stresses of an office setting. The solid design guarantees long-lasting performance and stability, giving it a trustworthy option that can cater to all of your gathering’s requirements.

Capability of Serving a Number of Different Roles

The MT005 Meeting Table was designed to do more than just serve as a place to have meetings. It’s easy to change to fit many different needs. This table is adaptable to meet your specific requirements, whether you need it for official conferences, presentations, or as a shared workspace.

Enhance the look of your workstation with the Meeting Table MT005. Watch as it transforms your gatherings into more productive and sophisticated affairs. Establish a setting that encourages productivity as well as professionalism.  You will leave an indelible mark not only on your employees but also on your customers. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales team for individualized guidance regarding the shipment and customization choices. Today, you can take your meetings to the next level of sophistication with the Meeting Table MT005.