Sigma Staff Chair SC019


Sigma Staff Chair, high in quality, durable and comfortable enough to work properly. This chair helps you sit correctly to keep your body in motion.

  1. Mid Back Chair
  2. Mesh Back
  3. Fabric Seat
  4. Folding Armrest
  5. Single Lever Machine
  6. Height Adjustable
  7. MS Chrome Base
  8. PU Castors
  9. 100MM Gaslight(Class 3)
  10. 1 Year Exclusive Workspace Warrenty
  11. Size(Inches): 22.5″ W X 19″D X 40″ H


1. 50% to 100% payment is required in advance. After placing an order, you will receive a call from one of our representatives.
2. The client can claim a warranty for the products within the warranty timeline. After that additional charges will be incurred.
3. Delivery timeline: up to 7 business days
4. Overnight shipping will be charged separately

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