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In a co-working environment, conference room holds immense significance being the place. Where pivotal decisions and important discussions take place for business purpose.

A beautifully laid out room with a tremendous council table consistent with the world and requirement of the place creates an environment that’s productive.

It also encourages active participation, learning, communication and luxury of your employees. Council table may be a crucial element of room in setting the tone and purpose of the meeting. The essential purpose of a room is to extend the creativity and productivity of teams who add a co-working environment.

office furniture

Conference Table Layouts

To reflect differing types of working styles. There are beautiful stylish council table setups are available for you at Workspace.

Regardless of the world of your room , management should really found out the room in an organized way. It should make the environment comfortable but it should also reflects the design of your organization.

To help you design an amazing conference room for your meeting requirements and business needs here are some stylish conference table setups:

Boardroom Style

The most basic conference room table layout is boardroom style conference table. It actually consist of a rectangular or oval shape long table with office chairs around it.

To serve the purpose of an agenda focused meeting or an important conference call. Maximum it accommodates around 25 people.

U-Shape Style

Another unique and classy room table setup may be a U-shaped table. During this sort of setup basically 3 rectangular shaped tables set end to finish.

During a U-shape, and therefore the seats are placed on the outer side of the table.

It is actually suitable for the presentation purpose, video conferencing, training sessions and live calls. It also can be used for the conversations between presenter and audience.

Circular/ Banquet Style

To give a way of equality circular found out. During a banquet style, oblong or round tables are found out within the room with chairs around each table.

This kind of setup encourages employee’s interaction and networking on a private level. it’s basically suitable for networking sessions where people can move freely in larger co-working space.

Hollow Square Style

For quite like breakout meetings, hollow square style tables serves the aim of interactive sessions. They layout of hollow square style council table seems like a closed U-shape style. Four rectangular or square tables are going to be placed to every other.

To Customize your office furniture

There are many other ideas of conference tables aside from those mentioned above, like theater style, classroom style, lounge style and lots of more. Workspace will offer you customized council table .

There is a tremendous option on our website “Customize your Furniture”. You only need to attend our website and fill out a customization form. During which you’ll give your furniture customization details and submit it. Then our representative will contact you for further proceedings.

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