WS Creations Executive Table ET012


Introducing the WS Creations console – a masterpiece of elegance and functionality. Precisely crafted from Al-Noor’s premium laminated MDF, this table is a symbol of sophistication. Measuring 6 feet by 3 feet and 2.6 feet tall, it provides a spacious and functional workspace perfect for professionals. Stay organized with carefully designed compartments and add a touch of sophistication to your office. Enhance your work environment with the WS Creations Executive Desk – where style meets quality. The Executive Table comes with following features:

  • Executive Table in laminated MDF By Al-Noor.
  • Size 6ft L x  3ft W x 2.6ft H

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2. Client can claim a warranty for the products within the warranty timeline. After that additional charges will be incurred.
3. Delivery timeline: 10 to 15 business days
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WS Creations Executive Table – Your Perfect Workspace Companion


Elevate your office with the refined elegance of the WS Creations Executive Table Crafted to perfection, this meticulously crafted desk brings a blend of style and function to your workspace. Whether you’re a senior executive or a creative professional, this desk is your ultimate productivity partner.

Features Of WS Creations Executive Table:

  • Elegance in Design:

The WS Creations console redefines the class. With clean lines and a modern design, it adds a touch of sophistication to any office environment.

  • Premium Material:

Crafted from laminated MDF, this table bears the hallmark of Al-Noor’s trademark quality. The durable construction ensures a long life, making it an investment that will stand the test of time.

  • Ample Space:

Measuring 6 feet by 3 feet, the spacious countertop provides plenty of room for your essential projects, equipment, and documents. The 2.6 ft. height is ergonomically designed to create comfortable working conditions, reducing strain on your back and neck.

  • Efficiency in Organization:

Equipped with ample surface area and carefully designed compartments, the desk offers efficient storage solutions to keep your workspace clutter-free. Say goodbye to messy cables and scattered stationery.

  • Versatile Usage:

Whether you’re writing a report, running a meeting, or brainstorming ideas, the WS Creations console perfectly meets your needs, enhancing your work experience.

  • Aesthetic Appeal:

The rich finish of laminated MDF exudes a sense of sophistication, while the attention to detail in craftsmanship presents a level of sophistication that complements any office decor.

Take your workspace to the next level of professionalism and efficiency with the WS Creations console. Discover the perfect combination of design, durability and functionality that allows you to excel in your endeavors. Redefine your workspace with a touch of class.

Invest in excellence. Get your WS Creations Console today and experience the difference first hand. Your workspace deserves no less.