Satchi Islamabad | Office Furniture provided by Workspace

Trendy and elegant  furniture that allows the employees to work in a comfortable environment. Modern and trendy furniture that inspires your employees to work even harder than before, highlights the motive of the company with a unique approach. Workspace gives complimentary Space planning also. It reflects the personality of any office that’s why Workspace provides office furniture that looks absolutely elegant and enhances the beauty of your office. The best in quality and comfortable office furniture for your meeting room setup to enhance the productivity of your employees. Ergonomically designed office chairs are also provided to maintain the correct posture.

Meeting areas

Meeting areas in offices designate spaces for discussions and collaborative work. Comfortable and ergonomic chairs, along with appropriate conference tables, promote focus and organization. Additional furniture like whiteboards and storage units enhance functionality. Incorporating aesthetics and branding into the office furniture creates a professional and visually appealing atmosphere. By selecting suitable office furniture, businesses foster a collaborative environment that enhances the quality of meetings.

Staff area

The Staff Area is thoughtfully furnished with sleek and contemporary Modern Furniture, creating a comfortable and stylish space for employees. The ergonomic office chairs provide optimal support and comfort during long working hours. These chairs blend seamlessly with the modern decor. Additionally, the office sofas allow employees to take short breaks or engage in informal discussions. The modern design of both the chairs and sofas enhances the area’s ambiance, promoting unity and well-being among staff members.

Indoor activity areas

Indoor activity areas allow employees to unwind and engage in recreational activities. Comfortable seating options and adjustable tables accommodate various activities. Incorporating storage solutions keeps the space organized. Additional amenities like game consoles and tables provide opportunities for active recreation. Appropriate office furniture in these areas promotes employee well-being, creativity, and team bonding.


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