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Office Furniture Provided by Workspace to Pepsico Lahore

Pepsico Project By Workspace

Trendy office furniture that allows the employees to work in a comfortable environment. Also making the dining space a part of your workplace for a pleasant touch. Follow us for modern and trendy designs. 

Outdoor Area

Reception Room

The reception room reflects the image of the company. It should be welcoming. The reception desk should be comfortable for both the receptionist as well as for the outsiders.

Meeting Room

The best in quality and comfortable office furniture for your meeting room setup to enhance the productivity of your employees.

Waiting Room

The waiting area should be inviting. Workspace used furniture in this waiting room that is comfortable and inviting for outsiders. 

Best office furniture in Lahore

Workspace is here to fulfil your dreams, if you are opening an office and you need office furniture store in Lahore , Islamabad or anywhere in Pakistan. Starting up from scratch can be an overwhelming task. If you don’t know from where to begin or what is required to start an office, these resources and office furniture by workspace will help you. Sometimes you have to make the transition both quickly and unexpectedly. The right office furniture doesn’t just need to look good– it needs to help you do your best work. Think about what it will take to create your workspace great, before you buy office furniture. Make those dreams a reality.

High Quality & Imported

Workspace is providing high quality, office chairs which are further categorized into executive, manager, staff and multiuse purpose. Along with quality chairs, we are providing durable office tables and workstations made of best quality material. On top of it you can also customize your product. To complete the look and to create and incredible ambiance, we have a wide range of office accessories. So choose wisely while purchasing office furniture. Workspace is one stop solution for all your office requirements and needs

Why Choose Us?

Our products are incredibly unique and modern, because our team focus on trends and update product design accordingly. You will find a wide range of office chairs, office tables, active workstations and office accessories in so many different colors and designs. We are the only one selling amazing office chairs in different colors, our office chairs are designed to maintain the correct posture, to be more comfortable and productive. Workspace is the only brand in Pakistan that is offering up to 3 years of warranty on office chairs and product customization.


Customizable office furniture
CategoriesOffice Furniture in Lahore,  Office Furniture in Pakistan,  Workspace Office Furniture

Formulatrix Lahore | Office Furniture Provided by Workspace

Customizable office furniture

Workspace professional furniture designers and manufacturers customized office tables, office chairs and workstations for Formulatrix Lahore office. Customizable office furniture of workspace designed to be more functional and efficient. First, we measure the space and second, we go with our space planning team to come up with a proper furniture layout plan. Third we customized furniture as per theme, area and client’s requirements. As a result, the end product turned out to be so classy, trendy and elegant. Along with furniture and space planning services, we also provided office interior services in this project. As workspace provides turnkey solutions to their clients and has completed many small to large scale projects all over Pakistan. As our specialty index is ergonomically designed furniture that help the employees to work in a comfortable environment. Also making the dining space a part of your workplace for a pleasant touch.

Whenever it comes to furniture and interior of waiting area, we believe that it should be comfortable and welcoming. Similarly, here you can see some uniquely designed office sofas and chairs along with durable center table. Therefore, we ergonomically designed comfortable furniture for this space. As a result, one can feel relaxed while  is waiting. Centre table placed in the middle to compliment the entire space.

For reception area, simple, elegant and high quality reception table is used with ergonomically designed chair. As Simplicity beats complexity.

The area where all the productive work happens is the staff area and the furniture of this area is customized accordingly. High-quality workstations used with ergonomically designed office chairs. Not just that, to freshen up the space and add liveliness in it, planters are place between workstations.

As per requirements of the space where the most important meetings and conferences held, customizable office furniture is provided. Moreover, to make it more efficient and productive, a proper media wall is designed to view presentations. Further more for the comfortability and productivity, imported office chairs are placed for the employees.

Well executive space should be organized uniquely and adorned with elegant elements to give it a corporate look. Because of that our experience interior designers customized furniture and gave it an executive look. High quality laminated MDF is used to customized the executive table.

Comfortable orange sofa designed and manufactured for discussion area. Moreover, black single seater sofas and high-quality centered table. Similarly, to keep the space private, it is partitioned, high quality MS partitions are customized according to space.

Comfortable cafeteria chairs and tables are manufactured according to the space, so that everyone can eat comfortably. Moreover, to keep the space theme based, we incorporated gray wall papers and placed room planters on the tables.

As Formulatrix is one of the top call centers in Lahore and their requirement was to have single person silent rooms. So, we designed and manufactured 1 person workstation setups made of high quality MDF.

In conclusion:

Modern and trendy furniture that inspires your employees to work even harder than before, highlights the motive of the company with a unique approach. Workspace gives complimentary Space planning also. Furniture reflects the personality of any office that’s why Workspace provides customizable office furniture that looks absolutely elegant. And modern office tables enhance the beauty of your office.

office furniture
CategoriesOffice Furniture in Lahore,  Office Furniture in Pakistan,  Workspace Office Furniture

choose best office furniture for your space and office

office furniture for your space

If you are looking for the best quality furniture to transform your workplace, you will be overwhelmed with the thousands of options on the internet. With so many choices, themes, styles, price ranges and store how you are made-up to narrow down your search? With this search we are going to help you today with the tips for choosing the right office furniture for your space and style. First of all think about your office requirements, like how many number of rooms are there and what type of furniture required. Like for manager office you might need executive tables and chairs. For staff area you will go for customizable workstations. For waiting area normally we choose comfortable sofas and for meeting rooms we go for large tables according to space and number of chairs. So that’s how first you need to do some brainstorming.

There are definitely some things that people need to think about while purchasing furniture. The most important part is space planning according to the requirements and area in sqft. So let’s take a look at some points to consider, making sure you pick the perfect furniture for your workspace.

1. Functionality

There are several of stylish, modern looking office desks, office chairs and ergonomic office furniture and anything else you may need for your space. Most importantly you need to check that furniture you choose for your workplace is functional. The good news is you don’t have to give up on your office space planning making sure your office is functional and productive. Contact us at 03111281111 if you need consultation for space planning, its free of cost.

2. Design & Style

Having furniture that is functional doesn’t mean you have to give up on the style or theme that you choose for your office. Whether you are talking about desk, office chair, meeting tables and reception furniture you can choose that suit your taste. Ergonomic furniture that is modern in design can beautifully fulfill the needs you have for workspace functionality. You will find better ideas of the types of furniture available that meet both style as well as functionality. Similarly you can also add planters between workstations, or place small decorative table planters on your executive table. To enhance the ambiance of your executive space you can also place decorative elements and office accessories.

3. Picking suitable office furniture according to your space

Much like with your office browsing, picking the best furniture that is good and also fit in your space planning. While choose furniture you need to see that either you need high end furniture, normal or minimal in design. As it is very obvious that will not go for normal furniture for your executive office. Also you will not choose high end furniture for your reception area. So first think about it that furniture must be suitable to the space. Go for attractive reception desks but minimal in design because it give the first impression. Whereas go for luxury iterms for your executive space to give it a different look as compared to other office rooms. Workspace is having a wide range of furniture including workstations, tables, chair and office accessories. You should find reasonable furniture accordingly your budget.

4. Measure your space

There’s nothing worse than ordering furniture and discovering upon delivery that it’s too big or too small for your workspace. Maybe it doesn’t line up with the wall space! Take some time out to measure your office and how you want your furniture to line up will save your time & money. Because you can never realize it without measuring that your furniture measurement needs to be slightly different to accommodate particular space

Abstract Design Executed Table | office furniture

5. Plan Ahead

Now this is one of the most people rarely take into consideration. Planning ahead for what your office will be like in future. If you only have small number of staff right now and buying desks for them. But anticipate growing your number of employees in future then instead of going for multiple desks, go for workstations. You can get your workstations customized by

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