RedBull Lahore project Office Furniture provided by Workspace

Red bull is one of the outstanding projects that workspace has finished with maximum productivity. In order to meet our client’s demands for their team to work in comfortable environment, we have given luxurious, ergonomic and customizable office furniture, including meeting tables, sofas, office chairs, manager tables and workstations. We included a discussion area as part of this project as a nice and sophisticated touch.

Waiting Area | Office Sofas | Center Tables | Office Furniture

In an office the waiting area ought to be cozy and friendly, so that one might feel as ease. Therefore, we customized office sofas and office interior based on space functionality and requirement. A sleek yet modern center table is position in front of sofas to compliment the entire area. Moreover, round shaped sparkly blue stools are place accordingly. Our designer has uniquely displayed their art works in blue and grayish themed furniture. Similarly, colors of the furniture are uniquely chosen as per client’s requirements. Modern and customizable waiting area furniture is provid in high quality. In addition to that customized center tables with decorative accessories are place to give this area a welcoming look.

Discussion Area | Customizable Office Furniture

A basic, stylish and high-quality L shaped sofa with comfortable cushions in blue and grey color are customize. Because simplicity triumphs over complexity, so in this space we kept the furniture minimal yet elegant. In addition to that we used carpet tiles to give this space an interesting look. Furthermore, a modern shelf is place on one side and filled with decorative office accessories. Moreover, customized ceiling lights are added completing the look of this area.

Staff Area | Workstations | Ergonomic Chairs

Staff area of an office is where all of the productive and creative work is done. Because of that the furniture in this space  customized in such a way that employees can sit for long hours. High-quality center partitioned workstations and ergonomic office chairs are customize accordingly. Comfort and functionality come with our modern and customizable office furniture. With black CNC cutting wall elements in combination with grey wall paper we enhanced the overall ambiance of this space. Abstract ceiling lights  customized and crafted with elegance. Moreover, imported chairs with lumbar support are beautifully completing the requirements of this office.

Meeting Room| Office Table | Office Chairs

Following an intriguing design trend with customizable office furniture to make this meeting room feel more aesthetically pleasing. For long sitting hours and discussions meeting room furniture is customize according to the space and employee’s comfortability. Along with that high quality mesh fabric black chairs a provided with lumbar support. Our client loved the idea of minimal space planning to keep the meeting room private. Additionally, the glass walls with grey blinders and carpet tiles on the floor are giving this room a whole vibe. To illustrate this room, lightening was a major part to look at. So we incorporated warm ceiling lights to brighten up this space perfectly.

Manager Room

For the manager room, Workspace has provided a manager chair for the manager and two visitor chairs that are so comfortable so that they can feel comfortable while meeting with the manager.

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