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Workspace Pakistan is providing a wide range of office furniture and office accessories. We are the market leaders in space planning and office furniture. Due to our, durable and high-quality products that are diver­­se range. We are providing space planning services and furnishing the needs of everyone from high-level management to low-level management. To meet the needs of the customer, we are having imported and durable office furniture. In which we have manager, staff, executive, multi use and visitor’s office chair as well as office desk. So if you are planning to redesign your place or you are opening an office, workspace is providing the best office furniture in Lahore.


Sometimes you have to plan things both quickly and unexpectedly. So we are providing our customers an amazing online shopping experience. We believe that office environment should be fresh and lively . The best office furniture doesn’t just need to look good—it must help you do your best work. Workspace achieved a marvelous success in the field of office furniture and also won the trust and confidence of their valuable customers in the corporate world.

Office Furniture

The important aspect of office culture is actually the office furniture and its accessories. So for that your office desk or a workstation as well as office chair must be really efficient to increase the productivity of your employee. Because for your employees it is really important for them to work in an environment that that is really comfortable. It is really essential for you to maintain an amazing office environment because comfort is directly linked to the productivity. This way your employee will be more efficient in the resultant work.

Office Furniture

Our office furniture helps you to maintain a correct posture so choose your office furniture wisely. There is a quote which is really beautiful “Investing in furniture is to invest in people.” Workspace is providing imported, durable and excellent quality office furniture, in which we are having a variety of office tables like executive, staff, manager and meeting tables. We are also have amazing workstations.

Showroom of office furniture in Lahore and Islamabad

Besides, the local sale of our products through our tastefully displayed showrooms at Lahore and Islamabad of imported office furniture and office accessories. We have our head office in garden town where we have show cased our wide range of office furniture and office accessories.

Furthermore, we have another show rooms at Cavalry Lahore as well as in PWD Islamabad, but we are providing delivery all over Pakistan. So visit now if you really want to spruce up your workplace.

Our Valuable Customers

We strive to provide the best services to our clients, with high quality Office furniture in Pakistan, without compromising with the product quality. Our customer service that outshines industry standards is outclass and we are the one-stop online shopping marketplace in Pakistan.

We have executed interior designs, space planning, refurbishment, furnishing and complete corporate projects for many prestigious corporate and multi-national organizations such as Coca cola, Unilever, Total Parco, Nivea, PTCL, Porsche, PAK ARMY and so many more renowned corporate offices in Pakistan. We are the market leaders in office furniture due to our high-quality products and diverse range.

Our Designers and Manufacturers

Our brand workspace Pakistan offers inspired living through exclusive designs with high-quality products, and everlasting beautiful modern style – all power-driven by visualization tools and digital design that offer seamless shopping experience in-store and online.

Our Designers and Manufacturers

The manufacturers of workspace react quickly to client’s feedbacks and tastes. They have conquered the ability to make style and selection of office furniture affordable. Our designers as well as manufacturers are really ambitious and talented, they basically thrive to gain an understanding of modern and latest trends.

Designing a commercial office

While working on a corporate project and designing a commercial office try to embrace, choosing complimentary colors, tones & textures, finishes, and styles. We have to be bold by combining light and dark finishes to keep a few factors consistent. Sometimes we also create a beautiful mash-ups of classic and modern styles of office furniture. It is a onetime investment so on this one time investment you will be getting after sales services. Because when you are purchasing an office desk or and office chair. It is very important to consider how it will be used now and in the future.

So while working on a commercial/corporate project we make sure that everything is facilitating our client properly. That’s why our executive office desks are the one furniture piece you love. Basically our client needs an office desk which will be large enough to hold other pieces of equipment such as printer, cordless, fax machines or other computer components. So we choose wisely in the first place. Along with the desk the basic requirement and to maintain the correct posture. We have a wide range of durable, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing office chairs.

Office Tables and Active Workstations

Office furniture by workspace is ergonomically designed. And by being ergonomically designed means the furniture is closely customized to cater to the needs of the employees. We are offering a wide range of executive office desks. Our imported executive office tables in MS Sand grain powder coated frame with laminated top are top sellers. Moreover to complete the selection of your office furniture you need our manager as well as meeting tables. Because we are offering a series of office tables which are made to fit in with modern open plan offices.

Most of them are including imported brush socket and front panel. Now it comes to the most incredible office furniture category which is active workstation. It is not just limited to office desk. Tables, Chairs, stools, and other accessories can fall under the active workstation category as well.  They are many products that fall under the category of  active workstation in which desktop riser, foot rest and other stool options. Our products are for the design focused consumer.

Comfortable and high quality office chairs

When it comes to office chairs, workspace have conquered the ability to make style and selection of office furniture really affordable for their customer. Our office chair fall into different categories, these are managers, visitors, executives, and staff chairs.

Basically chair is a very crucial element of your office furniture, so you have to maintain a correct posture. Because a wrong sitting position can have negative effects on the neck, shoulders and back. So to avoid this thing our office chairs comes with excellent features. They have adjustable 4D adjustable armrests, neck rest, lumbar support and ventilated mesh backrest.

The best feature of our office chair is 5 level locking aluminum base with PU castors SHS and grade 4 gas cylinder. We normally offer 3 years of warranty and after sale services as well. To complete the collection of your office chairs you definitely need to buy manager, staff, executive, multiuse and visitor chairs by workspace. Because we design to inspire.

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