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Are you looking for new office Chairs in Lahore? Your search is over. Here, Workspace is the best office chair provider in Lahore or all over Pakistan.

12 Things to Consider When Choosing the best Office Chairs in Lahore

If you work in an office, you probably spend most, if not all, of your working day sitting down. A survey by a corrective lens company found that employees spend an average of 6.5 hours sitting. Over the course of a year, this represents approximately 1,700 sitting hours.

However, whether you spend more or less time sitting. You can protect yourself from joint pain. Even increase your productivity by investing in a high-quality office chairs in Lahore. Hence, you will be able to work more efficiently and without suffering from back pain. Similar to that, other musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) to which so many employees are susceptible. Here are 12 important things to consider when choosing the best office chairs in Lahore. 


1) Material used in Office Chairs

The material used in the construction of an office chair will affect its performance. Over the years, manufacturers have started using a variety of materials to produce their office chairs. All of these have unique characteristics.

Office Furniture in Islamabad | 1) Material used in best Office Chairs in Lahore

Some of the most common materials in which office chairs are made include:
Genuine Leather:

Firstly, office chairs are made from tanned cowhide or sheepskin. Genuine leather office chairs are soft, cool, stylish and durable.

Faux Leather:

Although faux leather office chairs have the look and feel of real leather. They are usually made from other materials, including synthetic or organic fabrics.


Vinyl office chairs are soft and comfortable, and because vinyl is a synthetic fabric. So they are naturally resistant to water and other liquids.


 Generally used to create network folders, nylon is another material in which desk chairs are made.


The cheapest option, plastic office chairs are typically used in waiting rooms. Where a large number of chairs are needed.


Finally, the oldest type of material used to make office chairs is wood. Wood office chairs are sturdy, attractive, and available in countless styles.

When choosing an executive office chair, consider whether it offers lumbar support. Some people assume that back pain only occurs in laborious jobs, such as construction or manufacturing, but it is often employees who are most susceptible to this MSD. According to a study of nearly 700 employees, 27% of employees experience a new case of low back pain each year.

To reduce the risk of low back pain, choose an office chair with lumbar support. Lumbar support refers to the cushion or pad around the lower back that supports the lumbar region of the back (the area of the back between the thoracic and pelvic region). It stabilizes the lower back, reducing stress and strain on the spine and its supporting structures.

lumbar support of office chairs in Lahore

All office chairs have a weight capacity. Similarly, it should follow for both your safety and the safety of your chair. If you weigh more than the capacity for which your office chair is rated. It could also break under the stress of everyday use.

You will find that most office chairs have a weight capacity of 200 to 250 pounds. The good news is that some office chairs are designed specifically for heavier workers. Known as tall and tall office chairs, they feature a sturdier frame to provide greater weight capacity. Tall and tall desk chairs are available in 300, 400 and 500 lb. weight capacities. In addition to greater weight capacity, some models also have larger seats and backrests. Choose an office chair with a weight capacity greater than your body weight.

weight capacity of office chairs

Not all office chairs feature a traditional four-legged design. Some are designed with mounted wheels, called casters, that allow you to roll and swivel while sitting on them. 

Do you have an L-shaped desk?

For example, you can roll or rotate between different areas of the desk. 

If you have a computer in one area of the office and a writing station in the other area. So you can quickly move between these areas without getting up while picking an office chair with casters.

On its website, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends the use of five-caster office chairs in computer workstations. To promote productivity and reduce the risk of injury. Traditional four-legged chairs can still be used in conference rooms, waiting rooms and break rooms. For workstations, however, choosing a five-wheel office chair. It will also improve your productivity by creating a safer workplace in the process.


The space is invaluable in offices, as well as most other workplaces. Which is why it’s important to consider size when choosing an office chair in Lahore. If you work in a small cubicle, you may not have the luxury of choosing a large executive office chair in Lahore. In that case you will need to choose a smaller chair.

Before buying an office chair, take measurements of the area where you intend to use it. Using these measurements, you can choose an office chair of an appropriate size. Remember that you can always fit a small office chair into a large workstation. On other hand, you cannot fit a large office chair into a small workstation. When in doubt, choose an office chair that is at least a few inches smaller than the area where you intend to use it.

Different sizes of chairs

Fixed-height office chairs typically have a seat-to-floor height of 17 to 19 inches. It is allowing the most office workers to comfortably use them in front of desks and workstations. But not all the employees have the same height, and if you’re too tall or too short for a fixed-height office chair. It could put pressure on your back or neck when you’re sitting.

Workspace recommends choosing an office chair with an adjustable height of 15 to 22 inches. Similarly, it means that you should be able to lower the seat just 15 inches off the floor or raise the seat 22 inches off the floor. Whether you are short, tall or medium in height. It will also allow you to comfortably use your desk or workstation. Most office chairs don’t come down to 15 inches, so you might have to settle for 17 to 21 inches. For informational purposes only, this measurement is usually measured from the floor to the top of the seat cushion. Since we are talking about adjustments. Hence, it would also be a huge advantage for you to choose an office chair with more ergonomic adjustments.

adjustable height

7) Style

The style of an office chair will not affect its functionality or performance, but it will affect the aesthetics of the chair and, therefore, the decor of your office. You can find office chairs in countless styles, from traditional all-black executive styles to colorful modern and contemporary styles.

So, what style of office chair should you choose? If you’re choosing a desk chair for a large office, stick to a familiar style to create cohesive pieces of furniture. Is your office currently uses traditional all-black executive desk chairs, for example, choose a similar all-black executive style. Do your office uses brown leather office chairs, choose a brown leather style. A consistent style with your office chairs will enhance your office decor by creating a cohesive interior.

style of office furniture

8) Breathability

Some best office chairs are more breathable than others, making them ideal for office workers who experience uncomfortable heat during the workday. Known as mesh office chairs, they feature a permeable mesh back.

By definition, the term “mesh” refers to strands of fabric that are connected together to form the appearance of a web. Mesh office chairs don’t have a solid backrest. Instead, they have a partially open backrest. As, a result, you’ll stay cooler and more comfortable when sitting in a mesh office chairs in Lahore. The mesh backrest allows heat from your body to escape, essentially ventilating your body while you work.


Armrests allow you to rest your forearms when seated at a desk or workstation. Without armrests, you will have nowhere to rest your forearms, leading to increased fatigue and increased risk of DMS. Armrests are an indispensable element for office chairs. In other areas of the office, including break rooms and waiting rooms, armrests are optional.


Office chair armrests should have the following features:
  • Soft padded material
  • Long and wide enough to adequately support your forearms
  • Adjustable height of 7 to 10.5 inches from the seat
  • Removable (ability to raise or lower them)

10) Reclining

There are reclining and non-reclining office chairs. For maximum comfort, the first type is recommended because it allows you to lean forward or backward depending on your needs. In its guide to choosing an ergonomic office chair, Workspace designed to support other federal agencies — claims that reclining office chairs reduce stress on the back and thighs.

With the reclining backrest, you can stretch periodically throughout the workday without getting up. Some office chairs even allow the backrest to be locked in the desired reclined position. Simply unlock the backrest, tilt it until you find the ideal position for maximum comfort, then close it. Once locked, it won’t tilt forwards or backwards, allowing you to use the office chair in its current position for as long as you want.

Don’t forget to check the warranty when buying a new office chair. Of course, not all office chairs come with a warranty, which is a red flag that the manufacturer isn’t sure about the performance of their product. the manufacturer does not offer a warranty with an office chair – or if the manufacturer offers an inferior warranty – you must choose another best office chair in Lahore.

It is not uncommon for reputable office chair manufacturers to offer a multi-year warranty on their products. Workspace office chairs are backed by a six-year manufacturer’s warranty, while ERA and HON office chairs are backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. If a component covered by the warranty chair fails during the warranty period, the manufacturer will pay to repair or replace it.

If you choose a high-quality office chair from a reputable manufacturer, you probably won’t need to file a warranty claim. However, a warranty gives you peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to your office chair during the warranty period, the manufacturer will repair or replace it free of charge.

Beware of stores and sellers who sell office chairs without warranty. You might get lucky and find a high-quality office chair, but there’s usually a reason some manufacturers don’t back their products with a warranty, and that’s because their products fail prematurely. To avoid this headache, choose an office chair with a solid manufacturer’s warranty.

spectre warrenty office chair

12) Price

How much money are you trying to spend on your new office chair? Like other office furniture, the cost of office chairs varies depending on the brand, model, and store where you purchase them. Low-end office chairs only cost $100, while high-end office chairs can cost $600 or more.

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