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Modern Office Furniture provided by Workspace to PepsiCo Lahore

PepsiCo is one of the outstanding projects that Workspace has successfully finished with optimal productivity. Workspace is pleased to provide top-notch office furniture and space planning services to fulfill the particular requirements of contemporary workplaces. Our selection of furniture offers the ideal balance of design, use, and price. Our designers provided Executive tables and chairs, center tables, and sofas which are among the best office furniture that our designers offer. To satisfy the particular requirements of each client, we provide a choice of shapes, sizes, and finishes.

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Pepsico offices furniture

Executive Room | Elegant Office Furniture

Additionally, office area in a firm should be pleasant and comfortable so that one can feel at peace. As a result, we tailored office interiors and walls based on the needs and functionality of the space. Workspace furniture designers made sleek yet modern center tales and sofa set for sitting space. Moreover, Decorative wall art with gold leafing is placed by our designers to give it a perfect look. However, use of these elegant shade of black, grey and brown scheme in office furniture shows that our designer has creatively presented their artwork.

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The consistently well-fitted, top-notch executive tables and chairs & center table with sofa. Our modern, reversible finest office furniture provides usability and comfort. We increased the ambience of this place by adding 3d wall elements with abstract art painting. Also, this office is ergonomically enhanced with imported mid-back seats.

Our team of experts is always available to provide office furniture by and advice support throughout the process of selecting and installing best office furniture. You can make your workplace more contemporary and effective with Workspace and our Wateen office furniture line, which also improves worker happin ss and wellbeing.

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PepsiCo Office Interior Design Project

Another Commercial project with trendy designs of Pepsi Co office interior (260 Sft) done by Aenzay in Gulberg Lahore. When designing corporate office interior space, it’s important to create an environment that is both functional and visually appealing. A well-designed office can improve productivity, foster collaboration, and promote a positive work culture.

CEO Office | Luxury Interior Design & Decor

One of the first things to consider when designing a corporate office interior is the layout However, layout should be tailored to the specific needs of the company CEO room. In addition, to the layout, the color scheme and overall aesthetic of the office should also be carefully considered. Neutral colors, such as white, black and wooden floor, planters and media are commonly used in office interior because they are calming and professional. However, pops of color with 3d elements can be used to add interest and energy to the space.

To suit our client’s requests for a comfortable working environment for their team, we provide luxury furniture by ergonomic, and adaptable best office furniture such as Executive table, ergonomic chairs, center table along with sofas is another important aspect of office design. In addition, functional storage solutions, such as file cabinets and shelving, can help keep the office organized and clutter-free.

The main factor for our designer is lighting it’s also a key factor in corporate office interior design. Natural light is ideal because it has been shown to improve mood and productivity. However, if natural light is not available, artificial lighting should be carefully selected to avoid harsh glare or shadows.

Finally, it’s important to consider the overall atmosphere of the office. Adding planters or artwork can help create a welcoming and inspiring environment. In addition, incorporating amenities such as executive room can help foster a positive work culture and promote visitors satisfaction.

In conclusion, office interior should be focused on creating a functional, comfortable, and visually appealing environment that meets the needs of both the company and its employees. By carefully considering layout, color, furniture, lighting, and atmosphere, a well-designed office can improve productivity, foster collaboration, and promote a positive work culture.

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Commercial Corporate Project Leppon Estate | Office Furniture provided by Workspace in DHA Raya Lahore

Commercial projects come with a great responsibility because employees progress and development of an organization depends on its environment. Similarly If employees at office feels like home and are comfortable enough to focus on their job, their productivity increases. At first, Workspace team visit site for measurement for proper space planning to design office furniture accordingly. Second, they come up with a perfect furniture layout.  Third our professionals design and manufacture ergonomic and customized furniture as per client’s requirements.

Importance of ergonomic furniture is what we always tell our clients about, as our ergonomic office chairs are the best in town. Interestingly those who work for long seating hours always feel back pain, headache and other body

Modern Office Furniture | CEO Room

High-end CEO room furniture designed and manufactured with authority reputation in mind above all. Moreover, our skilled designers focus on creating balanced ergonomic furniture with modest yet fashionable ornamental components. High quality and imported material is used to manufacture classy executive office furniture. An L-Shape sofa made of durable wooden and navy-blue fabric along with a high-end center table in marble and brass is enhancing the environment.

Additionally, other office accessories and office supplies with appealing features and accents that precisely match the room’s theme are picked. We paid close attention to the little things to make this office appear fantastic, from the office interior to the furniture design in particular.

Ergonomic Furniture | Executive Office

We changed the furnishings in this Executive’s office to better represent the style of the space. Therefore, we designed and manufactured this executive table since we think comfort strongly links with productivity. This durable executive office table is comprised of an MS sand grain powder coated frame and a laminated AL Noor top. Additionally, a side rack with movable drawers and cabinets is provided for having better storage options. Moreover for the visitors, unique and elegant visiting sofas and mid-back sofas chairs with center tables are placed.

Minimal yet Elegant | Meeting Room Furniture

When it comes to updating and decorating meeting spaces, we spruce up the space with minimal furniture. Significantly distinctive office furniture for this meeting area is designed by keeping space planning points in mind. Here the space was limited so our professionals made it possible for the client to organize good meeting for 8 to 10 people in this meeting room.

Workspace offers furniture that is incredibly stylish and increases employee efficiency. Importantly, this room has limited space for office chairs.  As a result, we created this lavish conference space and added executive ergonomic chairs to it.

Office Tables | Visitor Chairs | Staff Area

The placement of office furniture in the staff area should also be placed with good space planning. So taking that into consideration is the best we do before starting a project. Our professionals design ergonomic furniture according to the measurements of the space and its placement. Office tables with high MDF tops/ laminated Alnoor top and MS sand grain powder coated frames are positioned in the staff area.

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Office Furniture provided by Workspace in Lincin Corner Vehari project

Furinture Provided by Workspace

Lincin Corner Vehari

furniture store Workspace  is the best furniture store in Pakistan. Furniture is customized and designed according to the theme of the space and the requirements of the client. Elegant and modern wall designs and hanging lights are completing the look of this room.

Workspace Furniture Outlet:  | furniture store

Workspace furniture store is providing high-quality furniture all over Pakistan to a number of well-known firms and Corporate offices. Our products are unique, durable, and ergonomically designed. Not just furniture we are providing complimentary space planning and after-sale services to our valuable clients. That’s why we have a number of loyal clients. Customizable workstations and office tables along with colorful chairs and stools to give this room a fresh and lively look. Beautiful wall designs and hanging lights are giving this area a modern touch.

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Executive Office Furniture: | furniture store

If you are opening an office in Lahore, Islamabad or anywhere in Pakistan and you need office furniture. Starting up from scratch can be an a very difficult task. So If you don’t know from where to begin. Then workspace is here to provide you the best space planning services in Pakistan as the most affordable furniture store. In the beginning of every project, you always have to make the decisions and planning’s very intelligently. Workspace is having a team full of professional and dedicated people for project management.

Get the best furniture for your workplace:  

The right office furniture doesn’t just need to look good. It needs to help you do your best work and our furniture is designed with the best features to give you comfort and enhance the productivity of your employees. We always think about what it will take to create your workspace great, before providing you the office furniture. We are here to  make your dreams a reality, so hire us and let us revamp your workplace.

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Total Parco Regional Office Karachi

Office Furniture is Provided by Workspace in Total Parco Regional Office Karachi 

Workspace is here to make your dreams come true, whether you are starting a new business and need an office furniture store in Lahore, Islamabad, or anywhere in Pakistan. Starting from scratch can be an overwhelming task. If you don’t know where to start or what is needed to start an office then this office furniture and resources will help. Sometimes you have to make the transition quickly and unexpectedly. Good office furniture doesn’t just have to look good, it should help you do your best job. Think about what it will take to create your workspace in a great way before you buy office furniture. Make those dreams come true. 

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Office Furniture In Staff Area

Workspace office furniture provides the best quality of office chairs, office desks, workstations, and office accessories. We also have designed this staff area with proper lighting and furniture including customizations of furniture and workstations. Further, the workstations are also used to manage space and further small decor elements are used to enhance the beauty of the staff area.

Breakout Area Furniture

Waiting areas are part-in-parcel with reception areas. Similarly, the waiting area offers the first impression to clients visiting your business. While waiting in the waiting area, the visitor spends time looking the interior around, often judging your business. So our ergonomically customized office sofas comforts the visitors so that they can entertain themselves by looking around.

Meeting Room Office Furniture

The interior design of this meeting room is simple and sophisticated. The office chair’s color theme is black and blue so that we customize the meeting table with the white and black combination with the MDF stand.  therefore, it looks glossy with a meeting table having comfortable blue chairs. Additionally, the color combination is also amazing.

Executive Office Setup

The Executive office table with chairs should also be comfortable as well as customizable. There is the perfect combination of office chairs and tables used in this space. Along with that two side sofas are also used to enhance the beauty of space. 

Waiting Area

Waiting areas are part-in-parcel with reception areas. Similarly, the waiting area offers the first impression to clients visiting your business. While waiting in the waiting area, the visitor spends time looking the interior around, often judging your business. So our ergonomically customized office sofas comforts the visitors so that they can entertain themselves by looking around. Furthermore, there is also a small corner sitting area for two persons. we finalize a centered small table which is used with two mid-back sofa chairs in red color to enhance the beauty accordingly. 

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Office Furniture provided by Workspace in Unido office project

United Nations Industrial Development Organisation 

Best Office Furniture provided by Workspace:

The chairs and tables could easily transform the space and create the space that employees needs in their office. Workspace office furniture helps you to use your space in an appropriate and elegant way by using workspace setup. These orange and black Infinity staff chair will be absolutely comfortable for your employees. They are customizable in different shapes, sizes and even color schemes especially according to our client’s comfort and requirements. 

Space completes by Workspace setups. Their ranges from office chairs, desks, and workstations. The type of business space you want depends on the type of work you do in your space. For example, if your space is about developing games, then gaming chairs, gaming tables will complete the look of your office. Small office accessories also matters a lot in an office. 

Workspace has done many projects in which Workspace has provided setups for all offices. This Unido project is one of those. As we all know, workspace also provides complimentary services of space planning. Along with providing furniture, workspace suggests that how many chairs and tables will look nice in your office, considering the number of employees, which color looks modern and elegant in your office, considering your theme color. 

 So, in this project, workspace has provided orange furniture for office setup as it looks elegant and it is  according to client’s requirements. There is a small corner space used for two persons in an elegant way by providing two visitor chairs along with centered table. Elegant and glossy workstations with proper cabinets and drawers are used in contrast with orange chairs. The most usable workstation having space for 4 persons to store their work and have comfort in their working hours. We are providing warranty to our clients for their satisfactions.

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Best office furniture in Lahore


Workspace is here to fulfil your dreams, if you are opening an office and you need office furniture store in Lahore , Islamabad or anywhere in Pakistan. Starting up from scratch can be an overwhelming task. If you don’t know from where to begin or what  required to start an office, these resources  workspace will help you. Sometimes you have to make the transition both quickly and unexpectedly. The right doesn’t just need to look good– it needs to help you do your best work. Think about what it will take to create your workspace great, before you buy office furniture. Make those dreams a reality.

Office furniture

High Quality & Imported | office furniture

Workspace is providing high quality, office chairs which are further categorized into executive, manager, staff and multiuse purpose. Along with quality chairs, we are providing durable office tables and workstations made of best quality material. On top of it you can also customize your product. To complete the look and to create and incredible ambiance, we have a wide range of office accessories. So choose wisely while purchasing office furniture. Workspace is one stop solution for all your office requirements and needs

Why Choose Us? | office furniture

Our products are incredibly unique and modern, because our team focus on trends and update product design accordingly. You will find a wide range of office chairs, office tables, active workstations and office accessories in so many different colors and designs. We are the only one selling amazing office chairs in different colors, our office chairs are designed to maintain the correct posture, to be more comfortable and productive. Workspace is the only brand in Pakistan that is offering up to 3 years of warranty on office chairs and product customization.

Office furniture design in Lahore


office chairs in pakistan
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Places to Buy Best Office chairs in Pakistan

Wondering places where you can find best office chairs in Pakistan? Or do you want to buy office chairs for your office? If yes, you are at the very right place. Here we are going to tell you about the best office chairs in Pakistan and where you can find these. Office chairs can enhance the productivity of your employees, at the same time, they can be the reason of your employee’s problems like tiredness, back pain etc. So one should choose wisely the best office chair for their office. There is no compromise in buying office chairs. You and your employees spent most of their time in office so you should buy an ergonomically designed office chair for not only yourself but also for your staff.

Types of Office Chairs in Pakistan

Office chairs has several types. Like there are executive chairs, manager chairs, staff chairs, visitor chairs and multiuse chairs. Executive and manager chairs are quite similar like they have the headrest, lumbar support, some of them have footrest and many other amazing comfortable features. Staff Chairs mostly don’t have head rest but is comfortable enough for staff to work for hours, height adjustable so that everyone can adjust height according to their comfort. Some of the executive, manager, staff chairs also have adjustable armrest so that you may adjust it accordingly as well. Most of the visitor chairs are not revolving. 

office chairs in pakistan
office chairs in pakistan

They have fixed legs instead of wheels and castors. Multiuse chairs are the ones that are foldable as well and can be used for multiple purposes. As far as the material is concerned, the material used in chairs are mostly mesh, fabric, padding, polyester, leather and many more. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the one you are interested in.

Workspace Office Furniture – Best Office Chairs in Pakistan

Workspace Office Furniture is one of the leading companies having best office chairs in Pakistan. We have variety of office chairs including executive chairs, manager chairs, staff chairs and visitor chairs, also we have office table, workstations, office accessories. Not only that, we also have gaming chairs and gaming table for your better gaming experiences. Our product range is ergonomically designed and is proven to increase efficiency of employees by maintaining the correct posture while sitting comfortably. Workspace office furniture also provides complimentary space planning services.

office chairs in pakistan

Office Chairs by workspace are made of the highest quality materials ensuring durability for long-term use. Available in variety of styles and variety of colors so that you choose the one that suits your office. Office Chairs by workspace are designed to help you maintain the suitable position and optimal posture with features such as lumbar support, head rest, breathable mesh backs, gas lift and much more. Workspace chairs are the best office chairs in Pakistan for all those who work for long-hours seated. So, order now, visit our website to find the best office chair for yourself or for your office. You may also contact at +92 311 1281111 for complete office furniture and details.

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