Office Table

Total Parco Head Office Lahore

Total Parco Project by Workspace

 Workspace’s one of the amazing projects is Total Parco, done by complete efficiency. Including sofas, office chairs, management tables, we provided lavish, trendy, and ergonomic office furniture to suit our client’s requests for their staff to operate in a comfortable setting. As a classy addition to this project, we created a reception area. The outstanding projects that workspace has finished with maximum efficiency. We have provided trendy and elegant office furniture including customizable office tables  office Table, office chairs, workstations and complete office solutions that allows the employees to work in a comfortable environment. Also making the dining space a part of your workplace for a pleasant touch. 

Waiting Area should be comfortable and welcoming. Therefore, we have used modern and comfortable furniture there so that one can feel relaxed while waiting. Centre table is placed in the middle complimenting the entire space.

For reception area, simple, elegant and high quality reception table is used with ergonomically designed chair. As Simplicity beats complexity.


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