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Eiffel Estate Lahore Office Furniture Provided by Workspace

Workspace provided the best quality office furniture included office chairs, office tables, workstations, reception tables, and office sofas to give this office a perfect look. According to the requirements of the client, we had to design the furniture according to the space as well as theme. Our efforts towards client satisfaction have led us in offering a reliable range of furniture like durable and ergonomically designed chairs and table. Proper signage’s on the reception area placed for branding purposes. Moreover, to give this space a fresh and lively look we added some beautiful planters in the corner areas. our space planning team got the modern chairs and office tables designed after measuring the area. 

Eiffel estate office is one the outstanding projects that workspace has finished with maximum productivity. In order to meet our client’s demands for their team to work in comfortable environment. Accordingly, we have given luxurious, imported and attractive furniture. Unlike boring and traditional furniture, we customize furniture as per client’s requirements. Moreover, our top priority is the comfort ability of the person using our furniture and that’s why we design ergonomics. Generally, ergonomics furniture provide comfort to the user.    


High quality modern reception table is design with Eiffel Estate Logo for branding purposes. Furniture of reception area should perfectly reflect the vision of the company. Our furniture designers with modern tastes believe that furniture should be modern as well as good in functionality and usability. So for better experience, unlike other office furniture companies in Pakistan, workspace design and manufacture furniture of dreams.

STAFF AREA FURNITURE | Office furniture

 In Staff Area office tables made of high-quality MDF top and MS sand grain powder coated frame. Another thing is that furniture for staff area should not  placed without proper space planning. So before executing a project and manufacturing furniture for that we send our space planning team to the site. First the take measurements of the space, second, they look into the details that which is the most suitable arrangement of the furniture. And third they come up with a proper plan for furniture placement.

Office workstation


Waiting area furniture is design by keeping in mind the color theme and space planning. In addition to that, as per space requirement and functionality, we choose furniture type accordingly. As a result, we choose comfortable and sleek office sofas for this space. In addition, we customized a simple yet elegant center table for waiting area. Last but not the least how can we forget planters? Planters are beautifully adding calm and soothing vibes in this space.

Office furniture in Pakistan


When it comes to upgrade and adorn meeting rooms, we choose simple, sleek and corporate decor elements. Similarly, we customized and design office furniture with distinction for this meeting room. Workspace provides furniture that looks absolutely elegant and enhances the productivity of employees. Significantly this meeting room was having a lot of space to cater 12 to 14 office chairs. So accordingly, we designed this sumptuous meeting room and provided executive chairs along with that.

meeting table


To illustrate the look of this manager office we customized furniture to redefine the ambiance of this room. So, we believe that productivity is directly associated with comfort and for providing comfort we designed this executive table. As a result, this high-quality manager office table is made of laminated AL Noor top and MS sand grain powder coated frame. Moreover, side rack with customizable drawers and cabinets are provided. Furthermore, some visitor chairs and sofas with center tables are provided for the visitors.


Last but not the least, we customized workstations as per area measurements and client’s requirements. Center partitioned workstations are made of high quality MDF top and MS sand grain powder coated frame is used in the structure. Motivational quotes are embedded on the walls to inspire and motivate the employees. Last of all, staff chairs are provided along with workstations which are again ergonomically designed.


office chairs in pakistan
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Places to Buy Best Office chairs in Pakistan

Wondering places where you can find best office chairs in Pakistan? Or do you want to buy office chairs for your office? If yes, you are at the very right place. Here we are going to tell you about the best office chairs in Pakistan and where you can find these. Office chairs can enhance the productivity of your employees, at the same time, they can be the reason of your employee’s problems like tiredness, back pain etc. So one should choose wisely the best office chair for their office. There is no compromise in buying office chairs. You and your employees spent most of their time in office so you should buy an ergonomically designed office chair for not only yourself but also for your staff.

Types of Office Chairs in Pakistan

Office chairs has several types. Like there are executive chairs, manager chairs, staff chairs, visitor chairs and multiuse chairs. Executive and manager chairs are quite similar like they have the headrest, lumbar support, some of them have footrest and many other amazing comfortable features. Staff Chairs mostly don’t have head rest but is comfortable enough for staff to work for hours, height adjustable so that everyone can adjust height according to their comfort. Some of the executive, manager, staff chairs also have adjustable armrest so that you may adjust it accordingly as well. Most of the visitor chairs are not revolving. 

office chairs in pakistan
office chairs in pakistan

They have fixed legs instead of wheels and castors. Multiuse chairs are the ones that are foldable as well and can be used for multiple purposes. As far as the material is concerned, the material used in chairs are mostly mesh, fabric, padding, polyester, leather and many more. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the one you are interested in.

Workspace Office Furniture – Best Office Chairs in Pakistan

Workspace Office Furniture is one of the leading companies having best office chairs in Pakistan. We have variety of office chairs including executive chairs, manager chairs, staff chairs and visitor chairs, also we have office table, workstations, office accessories. Not only that, we also have gaming chairs and gaming table for your better gaming experiences. Our product range is ergonomically designed and is proven to increase efficiency of employees by maintaining the correct posture while sitting comfortably. Workspace office furniture also provides complimentary space planning services.

office chairs in pakistan

Office Chairs by workspace are made of the highest quality materials ensuring durability for long-term use. Available in variety of styles and variety of colors so that you choose the one that suits your office. Office Chairs by workspace are designed to help you maintain the suitable position and optimal posture with features such as lumbar support, head rest, breathable mesh backs, gas lift and much more. Workspace chairs are the best office chairs in Pakistan for all those who work for long-hours seated. So, order now, visit our website to find the best office chair for yourself or for your office. You may also contact at +92 311 1281111 for complete office furniture and details.

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