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With so many gaming chairs available, it can be hard deciding which one to get. There are plenty of different brands, specifications, features, sizes, and colors to choose from all at different price points. We want to make your purchasing decision easy, so you can spend more time enjoying comfortable gaming than researching each feature. Here is what we believe you should look out for in a gaming chair!

Here’s what we will cover in this guide:

  • Starting with the right type of chair
  • Comfort – key features to look for and how to find these features online
  • System Compatibility
  • Saving Space
  • Ergonomic gaming chairs & choosing the right size
  • Design and material


There are so many different types of gaming chairs from rockers, and pedestals to racing and regular gaming chairs. The first step to finding the perfect gaming chair is to decide which type is best for you. It’s all down to your personal preference! Whether you want to feel closer to your gameplay or sit back in comfort as you engage in intense battles, there is a style of chair suited for all types of gamers.

Need some help choosing which type of gaming chair to get? We’ve compared the different types, features, and pricing to help you decide which chair is best for you. Check it out here.

All this helps ensure even the littlest of gamers are being nurtured towards becoming the next biggest streamer, with the most support for all the hours of adventure.


You wouldn’t choose to sit on an uncomfortable sofa to watch TV, so why should it be the same for gaming? Things to look for:

Lumbar support –

This makes certain that the spine is supported throughout the duration of the game. Without delving into biology too much, it helps with your posture and ensures that any natural curvature of the lower spine is maintained for a pain-free play!

Neck Cushions -

A lovely headrest pillow is always an asset to a gaming chair, especially during those late-night gaming sessions. These aim to support your head and neck which has a knock-on effect and can extend support throughout your spine.

Pick the right chair, and they can even help with your posture giving a competitive advantage. Any gamer will notice the difference of playing in a gaming chair without one!

How can I find these features?

When shopping online, it’s can be a little confusing to know where to look for key features and how to find out which chairs have what features.

At Workspace, we aim to provide the best product descriptions on our gaming chairs as possible. Be sure to give the product descriptions a read when looking into buying a gaming chair. Any chair with an emphasis on orthopedic design and comfort will be a winner like the Gaming Chairs provided by Workspace On our site, we’ve carefully chosen descriptions that will explain what features each gaming chair has which can impact your gaming comfort.


System compatibility is also key, it’s always best to know what console you’re working with. Ensuring you’re going to get the right use from your purchase should be at the forefront of your mind, as there are certain gaming chairs that are only compatible with specific systems or setups. You can easily check this on product descriptions on our site to see which chairs are compatible with what consoles.

Most gaming chairs are compatible with Xbox One, PS4, and PC & Switch, however, some may be more suitable than others. For example, these gaming Rockers and Pedestals are close to the ground, meaning they wouldn’t be compatible with PC gaming and are much better suited to console gaming!

Now, if you’re looking to cater to PC gaming, a pro gaming chair with an ‘office chair’ type design will be ideal! With this design, you can adjust the chair to the perfect height to fit your desk perfectly! You can check out these PC-suited chairs right here.


If you’re limited in space and worried a chair will take up too much, no problem! You can get foldable gaming chairs, often as a pedestal or floor rocker, which means that once you’re finished gaming you can simply fold it away.

It is so easy to fold away and put away for storage, and the quality of the chairs are really sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the quality whilst doing this. X Rocker is known for providing floor rockers and pedestals that easily fold away so they are a good brand to start looking at if you want to save space.

It’s also a good idea to check the chair dimensions and the dimensions of where you’ll be playing to avoid disappointment when setting it up at home. You can easily check in our product descriptions which chair easily fold for storage and we’ve included dimensions on every chair so you can check it’ll fit!


Finding ergonomic gaming chairs can be difficult, you don’t want to accidentally buy a gaming chair it is too small! Or for the kids, you don’t want to get a chair that is too large.

We recommend carefully checking the dimensions of each chair to ensure it’ll fit those growing gamers. It’s also important to consider whether they’ll grow out of the chairs quickly – after all, you don’t want to buy the best gaming chair and then reinvest in a bigger chair!

A gaming chair will make gamers really feel like they’re part of the gaming experience. It’s an added benefit that the perfect chair can help their wellness and improve their posture whilst gaming.

Gaming chairs
Gaming chairs


When shopping for an office or gaming chair, you want to ensure that the product is built to last.


This can come down to many things including Most chairs will have a leather finish and an easy wipe-clean upholstery. Shopping online can be difficult to check materials, so we’ve specified the materials used for a gaming chair on the product page so you can have confidence.

Arm Rests

Having arm rests can really change the comfort and design of a chair. There are reports that a chair with armrests can help support your shoulders and wrists whilst gaming. It’s not an essential addition to a gaming chair but it can help make the marathon gaming sessions feel effortless. After all, gaming should be comfortable and not detrimental to your posture or health!


We hope we made your quest for the perfect gaming chair a bit easier! If you want more information before you start your next adventure, you can view our gaming chair page Discover our full range of gaming chairs here.

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