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Commercial Corporate Project Leppon Estate | Office Furniture provided by Workspace in DHA Raya Lahore

Commercial projects come with a great responsibility because employees progress and development of an organization depends on its environment. Similarly If employees at office feels like home and are comfortable enough to focus on their job, their productivity increases. At first, Workspace team visit site for measurement for proper space planning to design office furniture accordingly. Second, they come up with a perfect furniture layout.  Third our professionals design and manufacture ergonomic and customized furniture as per client’s requirements.

Importance of ergonomic furniture is what we always tell our clients about, as our ergonomic office chairs are the best in town. Interestingly those who work for long seating hours always feel back pain, headache and other body

Modern Office Furniture | CEO Room

High-end CEO room furniture designed and manufactured with authority reputation in mind above all. Moreover, our skilled designers focus on creating balanced ergonomic furniture with modest yet fashionable ornamental components. High quality and imported material is used to manufacture classy executive office furniture. An L-Shape sofa made of durable wooden and navy-blue fabric along with a high-end center table in marble and brass is enhancing the environment.

Additionally, other office accessories and office supplies with appealing features and accents that precisely match the room’s theme are picked. We paid close attention to the little things to make this office appear fantastic, from the office interior to the furniture design in particular.

Ergonomic Furniture | Executive Office

We changed the furnishings in this Executive’s office to better represent the style of the space. Therefore, we designed and manufactured this executive table since we think comfort strongly links with productivity. This durable executive office table is comprised of an MS sand grain powder coated frame and a laminated AL Noor top. Additionally, a side rack with movable drawers and cabinets is provided for having better storage options. Moreover for the visitors, unique and elegant visiting sofas and mid-back sofas chairs with center tables are placed.

Minimal yet Elegant | Meeting Room Furniture

When it comes to updating and decorating meeting spaces, we spruce up the space with minimal furniture. Significantly distinctive office furniture for this meeting area is designed by keeping space planning points in mind. Here the space was limited so our professionals made it possible for the client to organize good meeting for 8 to 10 people in this meeting room.

Workspace offers furniture that is incredibly stylish and increases employee efficiency. Importantly, this room has limited space for office chairs.  As a result, we created this lavish conference space and added executive ergonomic chairs to it.

Office Tables | Visitor Chairs | Staff Area

The placement of office furniture in the staff area should also be placed with good space planning. So taking that into consideration is the best we do before starting a project. Our professionals design ergonomic furniture according to the measurements of the space and its placement. Office tables with high MDF tops/ laminated Alnoor top and MS sand grain powder coated frames are positioned in the staff area.

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