office chairs in pakistan
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Places to Buy Best Office chairs in Pakistan

Wondering places where you can find best office chairs in Pakistan? Or do you want to buy office chairs for your office? If yes, you are at the very right place. Here we are going to tell you about the best office chairs in Pakistan and where you can find these. Office chairs can enhance the productivity of your employees, at the same time, they can be the reason of your employee’s problems like tiredness, back pain etc. So one should choose wisely the best office chair for their office. There is no compromise in buying office chairs. You and your employees spent most of their time in office so you should buy an ergonomically designed office chair for not only yourself but also for your staff.

Types of Office Chairs in Pakistan

Office chairs has several types. Like there are executive chairs, manager chairs, staff chairs, visitor chairs and multiuse chairs. Executive and manager chairs are quite similar like they have the headrest, lumbar support, some of them have footrest and many other amazing comfortable features. Staff Chairs mostly don’t have head rest but is comfortable enough for staff to work for hours, height adjustable so that everyone can adjust height according to their comfort. Some of the executive, manager, staff chairs also have adjustable armrest so that you may adjust it accordingly as well. Most of the visitor chairs are not revolving. 

office chairs in pakistan
office chairs in pakistan

They have fixed legs instead of wheels and castors. Multiuse chairs are the ones that are foldable as well and can be used for multiple purposes. As far as the material is concerned, the material used in chairs are mostly mesh, fabric, padding, polyester, leather and many more. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the one you are interested in.

Workspace Office Furniture – Best Office Chairs in Pakistan

Workspace Office Furniture is one of the leading companies having best office chairs in Pakistan. We have variety of office chairs including executive chairs, manager chairs, staff chairs and visitor chairs, also we have office table, workstations, office accessories. Not only that, we also have gaming chairs and gaming table for your better gaming experiences. Our product range is ergonomically designed and is proven to increase efficiency of employees by maintaining the correct posture while sitting comfortably. Workspace office furniture also provides complimentary space planning services.

office chairs in pakistan

Office Chairs by workspace are made of the highest quality materials ensuring durability for long-term use. Available in variety of styles and variety of colors so that you choose the one that suits your office. Office Chairs by workspace are designed to help you maintain the suitable position and optimal posture with features such as lumbar support, head rest, breathable mesh backs, gas lift and much more. Workspace chairs are the best office chairs in Pakistan for all those who work for long-hours seated. So, order now, visit our website to find the best office chair for yourself or for your office. You may also contact at +92 311 1281111 for complete office furniture and details.

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The Ergonomics of Office Chair Explained

Office chair has a number of features designed to improve posture and provide adequate support, but they only do half the job – To really feel the benefits of an ergonomic chair, you must first learn how to sit correctly..!

You may or may not be aware of the serious health consequences of prolonged sitting. And why this is a cause for concern for all of us who spend more than 30 hours sitting at our desks each week.

Sitting causes a variety of stresses in our body, particularly in our spine, and this has recently started to be more recognized by medical professionals and is the main reason for the sudden boom in ergonomic office chairs.

What does the term ‘Ergonomic’ mean?

Ergonomics is a science, also known as human engineering or biotechnology. The discipline is to examine how objects can be designed and/or arranged to best complement easy and safe human interaction.        

An ergonomic chair, for example, is a chair designed to best support the human body, including considerations such as posture, comfort, support, and health.

What makes an office chair ‘Ergonomic’?

Ergonomic office chairs have a number of features designed to improve posture and provide adequate support. But they only do half the job – To really feel the benefits of an ergonomic chair, you must first learn how to sit correctly:

  • Keep an arm’s length away from your computer screen. Ideally, the top of the monitor should be level with your eyes.
  • Sit up straight and avoid slouching. Your neck should be in a relaxed and neutral position.
  • Keep your arms parallel to the floor
  • Sit with both feet flat on the floor, and avoid crossing your legs. This is to allow correct blood circulation within your legs.

A good ergonomic office chair will be adjustable, to allow for better control and custom settings. Fit is especially important if you are buying chairs that will be used by different users. If you’re buying a chair for your home office or for a specific person, consider using their size for the best “fit.”

Buy Your Ergonomic Office Chair Today!

Ergonomic office chair features

1. Seat height

The optimal seat height should allow you to rest your feet flat on the floor, which is why choosing a chair with an adjustable seat height is essential because everyone is different. Also, with most desks remaining at a fixed height, it is important that the height of the seat can be changed. A seat height that ranges from 16 to 21 inches from the ground should be fine for most people.

2. Seat width and depth

A good seat depth should leave between 2 and 4 inches between the edge of the seat and the back of the knees. If the seat is too far forward, it can put excessive pressure on the back of the knees.

3. Seat tilt

A good ergonomic chair will allow the seat to tilt, which allows for proper positioning of the pelvis. The anterior pelvic tilt is a posture problem that affects almost anyone who sits often, which is why it’s important to keep your pelvis in a neutral position when seated, with 80-degree angles at the hips, knees, and ankles.

4. Backrest Lumbar support

This is the support given to the lower back and is an essential feature of an ergonomic office chair. Ergonomic chairs support the natural “S” shape of the spine, which prevents slouching and reduces stress on the spine and pelvis. An adjustable backrest allows users to align the curve of the chair with the curve of the spine, for optimal support.

5. Backrest recline

An adjustable backrest allows for better positioning suited to the user, as they can move the backrest to more specifically support the natural position of the spine. Using this feature during the day allows the backrest to take some of the weight off the upper body, reducing pressure on the discs and spinal muscles.

6. Swivel

The swivel part of an ergonomic chair helps users with their maneuverability, allowing them to easily reach different points on their desks without having to strain excessively.

7. Armrests

The armrests help reduce tension in the upper body and allow the shoulders to relax. However, armrests should not be used when typing, as this reduces overall arm movement, which increases wrist movement, causing strain on the forearm muscles.

8. Headrest

Supports the back of the head and upper neck, reducing tension in the shoulders and upper torso.

9. Materials

A good ergonomic chair is made of comfortable materials. The material should not cause the user’s back to sweat. However, the materials used will depend on the budget; high-end ergonomic chairs will use leather or velvet.

10. Wheels

If your chair will be used on a hard surface, find a chair with soft rubber wheels. If your workplace/home office is carpeted, opt for hard wheels to help you navigate better.

ergonomic office chairs
ergonomic office chairs

Additional Considerations

When choosing your ergonomic office chair, you should also consider how long you will be sitting on it each day, because the longer you plan to use the chair, the more adjustable options you will want to consider.


Our workspace products are relatively neat and modern, as our group creates a specialty and updates the product layout accordingly. You will find a wide variety of office chairs, office tables, energy workstations, and work accessories in many unique colors and designs. Person easier to promote top-notch task chairs in different colors, likewise our task chairs are designed to maintain precise posture, to be more comfortable and productive. The best office furniture for the workspace is the simplest logo in Pakistan offering a “3 years warranty on work chairs and product customization”.

Workspace Office Furniture

Here, Workspace is the best office furniture supplier in Lahore and across Pakistan. Office furniture is essential as well as an important part of interior design. The best office furniture in Pakistan includes the latest furniture available in the workspace. Furniture styles and designs should be modern and up to date to make your office look great. You can also plan the space and decorate your desktop using different options. With space layout options, you can easily decorate as many spaces as you want in your office.

Workspace Office Furniture
Office desk design 2021
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Latest Office Desk Design 2021

Office furniture is an important aspect of office culture as anything else in which the office desk should be really efficient. For your employees, it is really essential for them to work in a way that makes them comfortable. Because comfort is directly linked to productivity. He will be more efficient in the resultant work if he is more comfortable. So for this thing and to maintain a correct posture you need to choose your office furniture wisely.It should like office chairs, office desk and other office accessories. Actually “Investing in furniture is to invest in people.”

office desk

Workspace is providing incredible, imported, and high-quality office furniture, in which they are having a variety of office desks like executive, manager, and meeting tables.

They also have amazing workstations. Workspace is providing incredible, imported, and high-quality office furniture, in which they are having a variety of office desks like an executive desk, manager desk, and meeting tables. They also have amazing workstations.

Executive Desk

Office furniture being ergonomically designed means the furniture is closely customized to cater to the needs of the employees. And workspace is providing a wide range of executive office desks.

Your office is where you spend your working hours . If you don’t find comfort in your office desk, then you’re not going to be productive. So workspace is providing imported executive office desk in MS Sand grain powder coated frame with laminated top. Most of them are including imported brush socket and front panel.

Office Desk and Manager Desk

You only invest once in your office furniture. Therefore it should be of good quality, eye-catching outlook, and comfortable to increase employees’ efficiency and output. To complete the collection of the office desks you definitely need a manager desk.

The design of the modern manager desk allows us to achieve high levels of comfort, without sacrificing the aesthetics of this piece of furniture. Workspace is providing a series of manager desks. That are made to fit in with modern open-plan offices and compliment the light and airy spaces that are mostly prefer to work in.

Meeting Tables

An organized and well-considered space can improve your mood so space planning and placing furniture starts with learning standard sizes and perfect measurements.

Workspace’s meeting tables are the best combination of simplicity and sturdiness with unique MS sand grain powder coated frame with laminated top Al-Noor brand. The philosophies of minimalism and usability inspired the meeting office tables. Optimized to fit and subtly enhance its environment. It is for the design-focused consumer.


Along with other office furniture like office desk, workstations are also very important for your office furniture collection. Actually, chairs, stools, tables, and other office accessories can fall under the active workstation category as well. Moreover, there are so many more products that fall under the active workstation category.

These are including a footrest, desktop riser, and other stool options. It may sound far-fetched but it truly isn’t.

Office furniture can actually make or break the office environment and the productivity levels.The vibe you’re going for, which is why it is vital to put in an effort to properly assess your investment.

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Latest and upcoming Office Workstation Ideas


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Office Workstation

The idea of an active workstation is so good, it helps you to take yourself out of your seat . It puts you in a free, healthy and mobile position while you are working. You may have heard people mention that they were looking for a “workstation desk” especially for four person or more than that. It’s not just limited to desks.

Tables, stools, chairs and other accessories can also fall under the active workstation category as well. So to get the office workstation ideas visit Workspace office furniture.

We have a wide range of office workstations and there are so many more products that fall under the category of active workstation in which a foot rest, a desktop riser and other stool options includes.

Workstation Makes Productive Workplace

The creative energy of your employee requires the right productive environment to thrive in. To make your office feel more comfortable and homey. you must be looking for certain relaxing environments where your employees tend to love to coming to work. So you should really setup a beautiful, comfortable and productive environment for your employee by looking into some office workstation ideas and choose a perfect workstation. While selecting a workstation to install in your office, you should first look into the requirements and needs of your office as well as your employees.

Active Workstation According To Your Needs

One of the best office workstation ideas is that it solves all your problems at once. While choosing your office workstation first look into your area, because space planning is another really important factor.

So check how many employees needs a workstation . how much area do you have and choose a 2 person, 4 person, 6 person workstation or more than that. After finalizing the size of workstation go for the requirements of every single employee.And come up with a single solution. For instance your employee needs an LAN connection with his system or he needs a small board to place his to-do-list. you can customize these things in your workstation.

 Office Workstation Ideas by Workspace

Keeping in mind a few office workstation ideas that meets the needs of your office and your employees. You can easily choose a perfect workstation from Workspace Office Furniture Store.

Our workstations are high in quality and imported in MS Sand grain powder coated frame with laminated top Al-Noor brand. Including imported brush socket and front panel. Standard Size: 4’L x 4’W x 30”H with material options: MS and SS. Workstation TOP Material options are Matt, Tactile, Gloss, super high gloss, brushed oak, Natural Veneer. Specialty Index of our workstation is at its very best when it comes to simplicity and durability, smartly designed keeping in mind the professional privacy of employees above all of this Workspace is providing customizable features e.g. table tops, cabinet & cable management systems. So days of ordinary workstations are over.

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