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Whether you’re planning to build a home office or renovate an office space with ergonomic office chairs, office tables, office furniture for your employees, leading the world of ergonomic furniture can be inspiring. The many products available in the market make it difficult to narrow down purchasing choices.

At Workspace, we believe in providing effective ergonomic furniture. An important aspect of building an ergonomic workplace is choosing the best ergonomic office chairs.

This blog will guide you on ergonomic office chairs, why they are worth buying and the central aspect of what to look for when buying an office chair.

What is meant by an ergonomic office chair?

The field of ergonomics intends to build furniture suitable for the human body and generate a safe work ambiance.

Therefore, the best ergonomic office chair is one that aspires to find a solution to the strains and body aches caused by using a standard chair for long periods of time. It is a chair designed in such a way that it supports the body while sitting at the desk. Maintains back support, posture, weight distribution, movement, and comfort. An ergonomic chair will have several adjustable parts and will uniquely suit each user who can sit happily at work.

Why do you require an ergonomic office chair?

Though ergonomic office chairs in Pakistan are costly than your ordinary office chairs, they boost employees’ efficiency and health.

Spending a lot of time sitting at your desk can cause serious inconvenience. In particular, sitting on a non-ergonomic chair can lead to the generation of musculoskeletal disorders that strain the joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles due to a lack of upper back support. This can have a significant effect on posture, putting pressure on the spine and spine, leading to back pain.

The best ergonomic office chair will sync with your body shape, provide precise posture, keep your tissues and joints in the correct position, and allow for pelvic and hip alignment. It reduces the risk of injury and will provide you with more energy with simple, sustained focus without distraction or distraction.

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In the end, what you buy by investing in an ergonomic office chair fits right into your job. Let’s say you are an employer and you plan to give your employees an office chair as back support. If so, you improve their efficiency with an adaptable environment that they can exceptionally synchronize with each worker. Workers looking for a job will prioritize this office which takes into account the comfort and health of their employees. The best ergonomic office chairs are high-end pieces of furniture that will last longer and support your back.

What should we look at while buying the best ergonomic chairs?

You will be looking for several chairs on the market labeled ergonomic but not meeting all the required criteria. However, Workspace fulfills all the below-mentioned aspects of an ergonomic office chair for back support.

1. Adjustability

The best part of our ergonomic office chair is adjusting the chair as per your requirements. Each ergonomic chair is flexible to its user due to its design structure.

2. Seat height

Our ergonomic office chair will allow you to adjust the seat height from 15 to 22 inches from the floor. This range is suitable for people from 5′ to 6’4 inches. At an appropriate height, your feet would be flat on the floor and your knees would be at a 90 degree angle. It will relieve stress on the lower back and knees. Our office chairs with proper adjustment is idyllic because you can adjust the height according to your needs.

3. Seat width

The standard seat size of our chairs is between 1720 inches to provide ample room for thigh support. Every user should happily sit on a high-quality seat with 1 inch on either side of the hips or not so wide that they stretch their arms out to reach the armrests.

4. Seat depth

Our ergonomic office chair has a deep seat to sit with a backrest and has room for 24 fingers between the knees and the end of the chair. The seat supports approximately ¾ of the thighs. Therefore, you can easily slide with this chair and your comfort is maintained all the time.

5. Lumbar support

The other particularity of our ergonomic chairs is that they have adequate lumbar support and that they are adjustable, an important criterion. The lumbar spine soothes and supports the upper body, including the head and neck. The back of the chair allows the movement of the trunk, protects the spinal cord and the movements of the legs: the concave curve helps the distribution of the weight which relieves the concentration of the constraints. Sitting in a chair without lumbar support will be responsible for flattening the curve leading to lower back pain.

6. Backrest

The backrest is about 12 to 19 inches wide. It requires supporting the standard curve of the spine. Our ergonomic office chair would endorse dynamic sitting and not static posture to raise blood flow.

Workspace is Pakistan’s leading office furniture supplier, offering office chairs such as ergonomic, executive, training, conference, leather, armrest, and visitor chairs. There are various ergonomic chairs at affordable prices; some examples are Visitor ChairsMid Back Chairs, High Back Chairs, Staff Chairs. These chairs are easy to install and adapt and come with a 10-year guarantee. They have adequate lumbar support, conform to the curve of the spine, and allow you to work efficiently for long hours. You can choose from different quality materials, colors, shapes, sizes, patterns, as Workspace takes care of providing custom designs.

Working in adequate well-being promotes efficiency, productivity, and comfort. Therefore, our ergonomic chairs fulfill this function and you can support the working day without worrying about back or neck pain. We hope you understand your valuable tips for buying the best quality ergonomic office chairs.

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Here, Workspace is the best office furniture supplier in Lahore or all over Pakistan. Office furniture is essential as well as an important part of interior design. The best office furniture in Pakistan includes the latest furniture available in the workspace. Furniture styles and designs should be modern and up-to-date to make your office look great. You can also plan the space and decorate your desktop using different options. Thanks to the space layout options, you can easily decorate all the spaces in your office as you wish.


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